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aiming to live life a little bit better each day

28 February 1985

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Johari Window
Nohari Window

And since lj doesn't have this:

Hates: fanfiction, lights in jewelry stores, high-pitched noises, most cats, stupid people, ignorant people, crying babies, gum under desks, mayonnaise, hard-boiled eggs, tuna fish, bright light, super Christians, fluff bunny Wiccans, dead batteries, narrow-minded people, Happy Feet, loud people, styrofoam, litter, Thomas Kinkade art, cutsy collectibles, kitch, George W. Bush, sharring, immature people, puberty, art block, writer's block, Slidell, nasal congestion, when people can't cite sources correctly, glitter
ace bandages, aeon flux, aich for 11, al-jazari, alexander the great, allen ginsberg, arboreal people, art, art nouveau, artists, aveomas, band-aids, barcelona, bear dandies, being a renaissance man, ben 10 action figures, bettie page, biology, black and white photography, bonsai trees, brushing my teeth, calligraphy, carnivorous plants, cephalopods, cirque du soleil, cooking, corsetry, daria, ddr, dictionaries, disposable poetry, dmitri miroslav, dr. who, drawing, edgar allan poe, elf zombies, elizabeth bathory, elves, etymologies, exacto blades, fashion photography, florence, forensics, gaia hypothesis, geishas as iconography, google, gothic architecture, harrison bergeron, having people pronounce nachitoches, having people pronounce tchoupitoulas, hayao miyazaki, hotel ponce de leon, house m.d., i'm so cool!, imagination creatures, immaculate komodo conception, industrial art, industrial nouveau, jeopardy, jump hour watches, knitting, knowing things, la bête de gévaudon, languages, learning, learning new languages, legos, lost city of atlantis, mahogany-colored ink pens, making books, making paper, making things, making up cultures, making up languages, making up stuff, manta rays, me, medical books, men in kilts, mental disorders, momo, naphthaline rivers, nataliedee, naturopathy, new pen names, nightcrawler, ninjas, non-newtonian fluids, nutrition, nuvo, optical illusions, painting, parasaurolophus, peacock ninjas, playmobil, pocket watches, podracing, ponce de leon hotel, pop art, pretending, pseudonyms, psychology, r2-d2, reference books, regular poetry, reimagination, religions, researching, rice, rollerblading, rollercoasters, rorschach tests, saikei, schwinn, scoriac rivers, shaak-ti, shopping cart robots, silent films, spatulalemur, spontaneous human combustion, stabbing forks with things, stabbing things with forks, star wars, steampunk, subliminal messages, super spies, taking photos, the addams family, the brain, the hatter, the legend of zelda, the levitating lo-mein creature, the marquis de sade, the oz series, the renaissance, the smell of iron, the victorian era, theophilus carter, tokyo street style, totoro, ukiyo-e, unhighlighted interests, water, wikipedia, wine, words, writing backwards, x-men, zombies, ø