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11 February 2008 @ 02:50 pm
I'm really wanting to buy some new glasses, especially since Lisa got some. I'm like a little kid.

I found a place online where I can get glasses for fairly cheap. It's http://www.glassescrafter.com/en-US/Default.aspx?Currency=USD

They have some really nice looking pairs of glasses. The ones I like the most will be $57 (frames + lenses + shipping!) so that's pretty damned exciting. The funny thing is I was thinkign of getting a nice adult pair of glasses, yet all the ones I picked out are... just so me.



http://www.glassescrafter.com/Product/en-US/Detail/3399.aspx?Currency=USD (these are so ugly, you gotta love 'em!)

http://www.glassescrafter.com/Product/en-US/Detail/3136.aspx?Currency=USD ( I know they look bland, but they're nice)


http://www.glassescrafter.com/Product/en-US/Detail/2713.aspx?Currency=USD (these might be my favortie so far)

http://www.glassescrafter.com/Product/en-US/Detail/2701.aspx?Currency=USD (I'm also really diggin' these [my new favorite])

http://www.glassescrafter.com/Product/en-US/Detail/2597.aspx?Currency=USD (I don't know what's up with that cheezy flower shit, but OMG they're green on the inside!)

http://www.glassescrafter.com/Product/en-US/Detail/1173.aspx?Currency=USD (I'm totally diggin' gold frames. These are classy)

http://www.glassescrafter.com/Product/en-US/Detail/1042.aspx?Currency=USD (ah! green! yes, I win!... actually, they're not my favorite, but oh well. I used to have a pair of green-framed glasses)

http://www.glassescrafter.com/Product/en-US/Detail/1004.aspx?Currency=USD (these are pretty awesome for being purple)

Has anyone ever bought glasses online. I've read some reviews of this place, and they're all good. So I'm a bit excited. Plus, if I don't like them, I can return them, and I'll be minus like eight bucks. $8 isn't a bad price to pay for a mistake... especially since I'm trying to con my parents into getting me the glasses.

I also need a new bike. I'm really feeling the effects of not having a bike. I need to work on that. You know, if all of my friends were to get together for my birthday and pay a little bit into a bike for me, I could have one Hell of a bike and really awesome (not to mention useful and practical) birthday gift. And if you call my parents, they may be willing to chip in a few bucks too. Then we can spend my birthday bike shopping... see the bad part with anything for me is I get fairly particular of what I want and like. I bet a can find a fair-priced bike at the Walmart. It wont be as nice as my last one (tear), but it'll do until I win the lottery or something. UNless of course you want to expend the hundred and something dollars I put into my bike (not counting the several baskets I fucked up).

http://www.walmart.com/catalog/product.do?product_id=1121300 This is pretty much the kind of bike I'm lookign for. I know it's not so pretty, but I bet I can get this boy slammin'. I'm feeling so cool today.

So there you go with that.